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All right, you fellow food crazies, what’d you get for the holidays? Let’s start counting the booty. I’ll start.

  1. A copy of A Day at elBulli: An insight into the ideas, methods and creativity of Ferran Adria. (Thanks, love!)
  2. Two used Marcella Hazan cookbooks, including the delightful Marcella Says… (Thanks, Molly, you cheapskate.)
  3. A care package of coffee, scones, crumpets, jam, and muffins. (Thanks, mum!)
  4. A bottle-opener magnet for the fridge (Thanks again, love! More Dogfish Head for the holidays!)
  5. A gift certificate to Williams-Sonoma (which came with a broad suggestion that whatever I buy should be tied to making the gift-givers dinner). (Thanks, Stuart and Kay! I think.)
  6. Pancake/cookie molds in the shape of hearts. (Thanks again, Stuart and Kay!)
  7. A gift certificate to Crate and Barrel (with no strings attached this time). (Thanks a third time, Stuart and Kay!)
  8. A gift certificate to Pottery Barn. (Thanks, sis!)
  9. And the best gift of all: dinner with the family, with music playing in the background and no computer within 20 feet of anyone. (Thanks all!)