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My problem with appearing on radio—-aside from the fact that I can’t edit or fact-check anything once it’s out of my damn mouth—-is that I actually have to pronounce some of the ethnic dishes I normally write about. Like last week, when Metro Connection host David Furst and I discussed the Bolivian options available in the D.C. area, based on a column I wrote earlier on the subject. On the air, I pronounced this dish called “charque” as “shar-kay.” Big mistake.

Two people sent me messages correcting my pronunciation, including one Pat McGovern, a self-proclaimed “Bolivian food lover.” Writes McGovern:

Charque is also pronounced as char – que, not sharkay. The accent is in the “char” part not the “que” part and is does not [sic] sound like an “Sh” in the beginning or a “K” at the end. When pronounced that way makes it sound “French” which it’s not.

Char-que. Char-que. I’ll write it 1,000 times on the exterior of a saltena shell—-with my own blood.

McGovern, aside from tweaking me for my Frenchy twist on Latin words, suggested another Bolivian restaurant to check out: Luzmila’s Cuisine (which Mr. Smarty Pants McGovern spelled as “Luzmillas.” Not so easy, is it, Pat?)

Anyway, I tease you, Pat. Luzmila’s sounds great. Here’s his take on the place:

[T]his is by far the most authentic of all the mainstream Bolivian restaurants. Their saltenas are better than any other other [sic] places mentioned and they have both chicken and beef everyday but Monday.

I see a trip to Luzmila’s in my immediate future. Here’s the address/phone for those interested:

809 W. Broad St.
Falls Church
(703) 237-0047