Following up on last November’s highly successful Stacy’s Pita Chips Challenge, I asked a few City Paper staffers to sample a Route 11 Dill Pickle chip and tell me what it tastes like. (No, I didn’t serve it out of the Route 11 bag, ya moron.) The idea of the test is not to ridicule anyone’s palate, but to see how closely the flavor of the chip matches the advertised ingredients.

Given the results, I’d say the Route 11 Dill Pickle chip hits the mark. But, then again, how hard is it to suggest the flavors of dill and sour pickling solution? The results:

Writer and Interim Arts Editor Sarah Godfrey: “sour cream and dill!”

Housing Complex reporter Ruth Samuelson: “dill! reminds me of salmon”

City Lights Editor Mike Riggs: “Dill Pickle”

Editor Erik Wemple: “Dill!!” (Wemple usually speaks in multiple exclamation points.)

The Sexist reporter Amanda Hess: “dill & vinegar?”

Staff photographer Darrow Montgomery: “Dil, Salt, Oil with a hint of potato”

Me (yes, I knew the flavors beforehand, but I still wanted to see if I could actually taste them): dill, vinegar, onions.

Actual ingredient list: “Select potatoes, peanut oil, and/or high monounsaturated sunflower oil, seasoning (lactose, dextrose, salt, sodium diacetate, garlic powder, onion powder, citric acid, malic acid, dill weed and spice extractive with not more than 2% silicon dioxide added to prevent caking.)”