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Thank God for Ed Levine over at Serious Eats. He’s not afraid to speak his mind about food, the problems of his ongoing diet, or the issues that Barack Obama (aka, Mr. Hope and Change) can actually address during his coming administration. Sustainability, organics, and other food issues won’t be among them, he believes. Writes Levine:

Many serious eaters have high hopes for the Obama administration when it comes to food matters. They think he will champion Michael Pollan–like causes, such as local, organic, and sustainable food, along with a farm bill that Pollan and company will approve of. With his inauguration a week away it’s time to ask the following essential food question: Are those hopes realistic or misplaced?

I think the evidence shows these hopes to be misplaced. Or at the very least we should recognize that food issues are not very high on Barack Obama’s priority list.

You can read the evidence that Levine has against Obama right here.

Image by Flickr user jurvetson.