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Everyone, it seems, has a cause to champion during Inauguration Week, but this one is close to my heart: the Canadian seal hunt. I know, I know, you’ve heard about all this stuff before, and you’ve got bigger fish to fry than seals, so to speak, during these troubled times. But give me a minute here.

I’ve stood on the ice floes in the middle of the Gulf of St. Lawrence and seen the seal hunt up close. I covered it in 2005 for the Humane Society of the United States. It’s one of the most barbaric scenes you’ll ever see. The sound of a hakapik crushing a seal’s skull is not something you forget easily. Nor do you forget being chased by a marauding band of Newfoundlander hillbillies with knives and hakapiks. Nor do you forget standing there on an ice floe, a hundred feet or so from your helicopter, as a sealer’s boat starts to ram into your floating cake, hoping you’ll tumble into the icy waters.

And what’s it all for? It’s not for food. Every person I interviewed on Prince Edward Island, where I stayed during the hunt, said the meat tastes like shit. Instead, the sealers send the pelts to Euro-trash fashion designers who turn them into club coats or some crap like that.

Like just about everyone else, The HSUS is using Inauguration Week to promote its campaign to boycott Canadian seafood. The idea behind the campaign is too complex to explain in a blog item, but suffice to say that every time you eat in a restaurant that boycotts Canadian seafood, you’ll be helping the cause. More than 150 restaurants in the area have joined the boycott, including Central Michel Richard, CityZen, and PS 7’s. The full list of participating restaurants are listed after the jump.

1789 Restaurant 2941 Restaurant Agraria Aioli Meditalian Gourmet Amici Miei Ardeo Aroma Indian Cuisine Banana Café Bangkok Joe’s Dumpling Bar and Café Bardeo Bastille Bice Bistro Bis Bistro Bistro Bobby’s Crabcakes Bodega Spanish Tapas and Lounge Bombay Club Restaurant Bombay Indian Restaurant Bonsai Restaurant Buck’s Fishing and Camping Bullfeathers Busboys & Poets, three locations Café Atlantico Cashion’s Eat Place Cava Restaurant Central Michel Richard Cesco Trattoria Chef Theo’s China House Chinatown Garden Restaurant Circle Bistro CityZen Restaurant Comet Ping Pong CommonWealth Gastropub Da Marco Ristorante Italiano David Craig Bethesda Dish District Chophouse and Brewery Eammon’s Dublin Chipper Equinox Evening Star Café Fado Filomena Ristorante Finn & Porter Foti’s Golden Flame Hank’s Oyster Bar, two locations Heritage India Houston’s, two locations Il Mulino Indebleu Jackie’s Restaurant Kaz Sushi Bistro Kotobuki La Chaumiere La Tasca, four locations Le Paradou Le Petit Mistral Lebanese Café, three locations Lebanese Taverna, five locations Legal Sea Foods, five locations Leopold’s Kafe and Konditorei Little India Mandalay Restaurant Mark and Orlando’s Restaurant Mark’s Kitchen Marrakesh Palace and Pasha Lounge Mehak Indian Cuisine Mendocino Grille and Wine Bar Michel Richard Citronelle Middle Eastern Cuisine Minh’s Minibar Miss Saigon Monterey Bay Fish Grotto Montmartre New Heights News Café Nicaro Notti Bianche Odeon Olazzo Olive Lounge & Grill Otello Paper Moon Passage to India Pesce PGA Tour Grill Polo India Club Poste Moderne Brasserie PS7’s Restaurant Raaga Fine Indian Cuisine and Catering Rasika Red Line Grill Restaurant Eve Restaurant Nora RFD Washington Ristorante Tosca Rock Creek at Mazza Rock Creek Restaurant Rustico Saigonique Sala Thai, five locations Samantha’s Savory Cafe Sonoma Restaurant Spezie Ristorante Starfish Café Stars Bistro and Bar Steam Café Sushi Go Round Tabard Inn Taberna del Alabardero Taj Mahal Restaurant Talulla Taste of Morocco Ted’s Montana Grill, four locations Tesoro Thai Derm Thai at Silver Spring Thai Shirlington The Grill from Ipanema The Hawk and Dove Restaurant The Majestic The Occidental The Oceanaire Seafood Room The Oval Room The Reef Uni a Sushi Place Vermilion Vidalia Viet Royale Willow Woodmont Grill Zack’s Taverna Zengo