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Jones Soda is commemorating Barack Obama‘s inauguration with this limited edition cola, which is infused with a “hint of orange,” according to the press materials. The “citrus,” whatever it may be, gives the company’s marketing department the chance to brand the product with this groan-worthy slogan: “Orange ‘You Glad for Change’ Cola.” (I still don’t understand the quotes-within-quotes thing, but maybe you do?)

I’m not a big cola drinker, but I found this stuff quite quaffable. It has a dark-tea color, a nice fizzy carbonation, and a sweet caramel cola taste, with just a background note of orange flavor. I’m not sure there’s real orange in the drink, though. The ingredient list mentions no oranges, only “natural flavor,” which covers a lot of turf, from what I understand.

The orange soda, of course, makes me wonder what flavor Jones might have used if McCain won? Some sort of berry perhaps? So they could have called it the Berry Berry Old Soda?