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Okay, sorry for the lame headline. It’s late on a Friday. But I wanted to leave you with something to chew on: the new pita bread at Amsterdam Falafelshop in Adams Morgan. During the course of our conversation about Maoz Vegetarian entering the D.C. market, Arianne Bennett mentioned that the Falafelshop recently started using pitas specially made for the place by an “Israeli guy from the upper mid-Atlantic.” She wouldn’t name names but said the shop gets fresh delivers from the dude twice a week.

I stopped by the Falafeshop today to sample the new bread, and I have to say it’s a significant improvement over the dry, thin pita that I remember previously. This one has more body: Its chewy crust and soft, airy crumb provide a dandy contrast to the dense falafel balls. My only complaint is its size: It seems smaller than the old pita, which made it hard to stuff the amount and variety of toppings I wanted into my sandwich. I literally had to pry open the sides to try to squeeze in more salads and sauces.

I’d really don’t want to believe this is intentional, that the new pita is a clever way to save on toppings in a down economy. I really don’t. Perhaps my memory is off. What do y’all remember? Were the old pitas larger? Could they accommodate more toppings? Sound off!