Endless Simmer isn’t waiting for the Arizona Cardinals and Pittsburgh Steelers to settle the score on the field this Sunday. The blog has decided to pick a winner based on which locale has better food.

It’s a tough contest, mostly because both regions appear to have a huge weakness for excess. Pittsburgh, for example, has a bacon-and-cheddar-cheese-covered hot dog (its motto: “Why Clog Just One Artery?”), while Arizona has a Mexican-style wiener known as the Sonoran hot dog, which is wrapped in bacon and smothered in a small avalanche of ingredients, including pinto beans, mustard, jalapenos, mayo, and crema. Let me repeat those last two: mayo and crema.

The Simmerites ultimately came to a decision that only Bud Selig could love. But they also include an online poll, so you can pick your own favorite food locale. Personally, I don’t think it’s even close. Arizona all the way, baby! At least with the food side of things.

Image by Mr. Frosted