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That would be the lesson learned from a recent incident of road rage on the West Shore Expressway in Staten Island. A NYPD highway patrolman had to separate two sparring motorists, according to a New York Daily News article, but not before Yao Zhou, a sushi chef packing metal, carved up Jack Zaiback‘s face like sashimi-grade tuna.

Reports the Daily News:

“He [Zhou] sliced [Zaiback] up on the forehead like a professional,” said Zaiback’s lawyer Alex Grosshtern. “His skin just came off.”

Or as Young & Hungry‘s friend and sushi guru, Trevor Corson, dubbed the incident: Face Sashimi.

If haven’t already, don’t forget to read the comments to the Daily News piece. You’d hate to miss such comments as this:

What punk to pull a knife like that. These people today are gutless, what ever happened to “a fair one” There is no honor today. Most of these wannabe be tough guys today are nothing but cowards. When this punk chef goes to Rikers, he wont have a knife, and then he will go by the name “Maytag