You’ll have to excuse my recent fascination with diners. Yes, I love almost everything about them: their endless menus, their hon-heavy waitresses, and their willingness to serve you a stack a syrupy flapjacks at 3 in the morning, no questions asked. But during our current economic meltdown, I love diners mostly for their symbolism. They’re survivors. They’ve been through the worst that our economy has dished out. You can hang your flat-billed cap on that.

Metro Connection host David Furst and I will discuss diners in even more detail today and tomorrow. We’ll talk about which one serves the best eggs, which one serves the best grilled cheese, and which one serves the best Greek food. You’ll want to tune at 1 p.m. today (7 a.m. tomorrow) at 88.5 FM.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery