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The time has come, I think, to say no more stories on Joe Englert‘s H Street Country Club until he opens the damn place. This tease has been going on way too long. We here at the City Paper have been particularly susceptible to the hype; we started in two years ago with this item and have been aggressively updating the narrative with each word dropped from Englert’s lips. You can blame me for this item in March 2007 and for another update, on the Ann Cashion connection at H Street CC, in September of last year.

And now comes DCist‘s “Early Look” at Englert’s putt-putt playground. It’s an “early” look in the loosest sense of the word. These are construction site photos! (Though, I have to admit that the hanging coffee pot lights are pretty cool.)  There’s not much new to the posting, except for the photos and for blogger Eric Denman‘s musings on whether alcohol and putters will mix. Writes Denman:

I’m bad enough at putt-putt when I’m sober, so there’s no telling how bad I’ll get when you fuel me with some booze, and I imagine many patrons may be in the same boat. As for the possible implications of giving a bunch of drunk people golf clubs, the management seems to be planning a “keep an eye on it” approach. I know for myself, I’ll be watching my back when I go visit.

Now, I realize that, with this blog post, I’ve just violated my own request to not write about H Street Country Club until it opens. From this moment on, however, I will honor that pledge.

Unless Englert calls.