Remember what I was saying last month about never attending a restaurant during Valentine’s Day? Well, I’d like to amend that position: Before the wife and I settle down for a home-cooked meal on Saturday, we’ll definitely drop by Franklin’s Restaurant, Brewery and General Store in Hyattsville.

On Valentine’s Day, Franklin’s in-house brewer Charles Noll will be tapping a firkin of raspberry triple that he’s made just for the occasion. Maybe fruit-forward beer isn’t your thing (it’s not really mine) and maybe drinking a pink beer doesn’t jibe with your manly self-image (or even your image of a regular beer drinker).

But I’ll tell you what: I love the idea of Noll tackling an Abbey ale, which is one of the great beers of Belgian. I haven’t tasted all of Noll’s work over the years, but I recall that he tends to lean toward heavily hopped ales and massive stouts. This triple will be worth sampling for the sheer novelty, even with the stupid raspberries!

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