Saladworks, the make-your-own salad chain based in Conshohocken, Pa., plans to open 15 locations in the D.C. area in the next few years, according to the Washington Business Journal. This green wave will start on March 4, writes Missy Frederick, at 1140 Elden St. in Herndon. More shops will soon follow.

Reports Frederick:

The expansion effort is being led by Vernon Hill II, the founder of Commerce Bank, and CEO John Scardapane.

“The restaurant has been successful wherever it’s been tried,” said Hill, a Vienna native. “I’m from the area, and there’s a relatively high income population, and lots of office workers.” Hill is chairman of the Executive Committee for Saladworks.

The next location is slated for Fairfax, and will open this summer, Hill said. The company will first target Northern Virginia, and potentially expand beyond that. Nationally, the group is aiming to open 1,000 locations by 2013.

Based on my previous experiences with make-your-own operations, I can’t say that this salad wrapping of D.C. excites me. Between Chop’t, Organic to Go, and countless other places where you can get a frickin’ salad, I think our area is awash in greens. Besides, hasn’t anyone read Jeffrey Steingarten‘s essay, “Salad the Silent Killer“?