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You can probably count the number of full-time food writers in this area on two hands (with an unsocked foot available for unpaid interns). Many of us have the most wholesome of names: Tom, Jane, Todd, Joe, Ann, Zzzzzzz.  But one name that doesn’t get mentioned as often as it should is Northern Virginia Magazine‘s Warren Rojas, a veteran reporter who has made a smooth transition into food writing by covering the gustatory scene in NoVa.

Along with his reviews, his Tweets, and his weekly chat, Rojas now adds a daily blog, Gut Check, which launched today. He will share writings duties on the blog with an intern. At this point, I think you have to call Rojas the unquestioned authority on Northern Virginia eats.

So what will Gut Check cover? E-mails Rojas in response:

No set formula, really. I anticipate we’ll use it to extrapolate on our regular dining coverage. But also envision it as a multimedia canvass for chef q&a’s, video collages (a la today’s mealtime mayhem round up) and other interactive content better suited to the web than the static pages of the monthly pub.

We’re shooting for daily posts to start, but eventually hope/plan/expect to update throughout the [day] with breaking hospitality news, last-minute dining deals and any other hot button issues that come across the food desk.