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Yes, I watched some of the Top Chef reunion show last night, and let me say this right from the start: The main reason Fabio won fan fave is because Americans are still suckers for Italian accents. Could this show have been less about the art and craft of cooking? That Baldies-with-Photoshopped-Hair segment? Jump. The. Shark. Time.

Whoa, I’m feeling cranky this morning. Let’s move on to the blogs for more reunion commentary.

And one final thought from the Y&H peanut gallery: Do you think an embarrassed Jeff McInnis lied when he said that People magazine had misquoted him? That he didn’t actually call Tom Colicchio‘s food boring? I think he lied, and I think it would have made far better TV if McInnis had just reversed tables on Colicchio and said, “Yeah, man, I’ve never had a decent meal in one of your restaurants. Maybe you’re spending too much time on reality TV and not enough in your own kitchens.”