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Let’s start the week with the online equivalent of wingsuit flying: Bloggers willing to tear down institutions and destroy old ideas. Hey, if we desk jockeys can’t exercise anymore, then we might as well get our endorphin rush from little shots of e-schadenfreude.

  • There’s a Queer in My Soup wonders if Gordon Ramsay is going broke following the news of his group’s “financial breaches” with its bank. Y&H wonders whether this helps confirm a persistent rumor that Ramsay won’t be taking over the Maestro space after all?
  • Waiter Rant takes to the shooting range to dis on the gun skills of security cops. As if they don’t have enough image problems already.
  • Obama Foodorama thinks that appointing irradiation-happy Michael Osterholm to oversee the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (which is the current speculation) would be “a continuation of Bush-era policies in which Big Ag will still run wild like a pack of rabid coyotes.”
  • Anthony Bourdain is suffering a crisis of hate over Rachael Ray, one of his favorite punching bags. Apparently Ray likes the New York Dolls (which Bourdain calls “one of the greatest, most important, criminally neglected, wildly influential bands in the history of well …the freakin’ UNIVERSE!!”) and recently said nice things about the bad boy on Nightline, which is Y&H’s preferred program for food gossip. Writes Bourdain (way down in the post):

I don’t know whether to go out and shoot a puppy-or send Rachael a fruit basket. It just does me no good at all to think of Rachael as a Dolls fan. It’s really only a matter of time now until my daughter looks up from her grilled cheese and says “Yummo!!”

Image by Flickr user Dave Pullig