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The Atlantic‘s new online food section, according to Corby Kummer, promises “twelve departments that showcase some of the wisest and most authoritative people in the worlds of food, wine, and coffee, and many delightful fresh ones. What unites them all is passion, infinite curiosity, and openness to new tastes and new thoughts.”

The debut edition features not only Ezekiel J. Emanuel‘s dinner with Larry David at the Blue Duck Tavern, but also a mixology column by Derek Brown, bartender at the Gibson (2009 14th St. NW, 202-232-2154). Well, it’s not so much about mixology this time around, more like advice on how not to look like a chump when hitting on the ladies. Sample quote:

However, approaching a woman after you’ve polished off a few too many drinks, with a lecherous swagger or worse the “amorous gaze”— you affix your eyes on a woman and stare, hoping that by some alcoholic-friendly technology your vision will work like tractor beams—is thoughtless, and shows just how little one believes in humanity.