Caffeine, sugar, and carbs. They’re the holy trinity of the American diet, and today’s roundup has news on all of ’em.

  • Diner’s Journal explains the scam that has caused Ethiopia to shut off exports of its famous coffee beans. Y&H thinks exporters better their get Yirgacheffe together soon.
  • Metrocurean gathers some intelligence on two new places on the budding 14th Street NW restaurant scene. Y&H thinks graffiti artists have totally sold out.
  • District Plates suffers for his dough. He’s been working on this pizza/calzone/bread dough for years, so the least you could do is check it out.
  • Serious Eats has published a beginner’s guide to Passover soft drinks. It boils down to this: No corn syrup in soft drinks during Passover. Hey, can we claim the holiday is year ’round?

Photo by gj_the White