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Yaku has changed addresses, but it hasn’t moved. Allow me to explain.

From the moment Maurico Fraga-Rosenfeld opened the sleek, Inca-chic restaurant—-the eighth of his thumping, lounge-heavy establishments—-Yaku was a hard place to find. Its address was officially listed as 2001 N. 15th St. in Arlington. But if you punched that address into your GPS system, you would have ended up at the Odyssey, a condo development with nary a restaurant or commercial storefront in sight.

The first time Y&H visited Yaku last year, he walked into the Odyssey, thinking the restaurant must be on the ground floor of the condo, as strange as that sounds. The guard, who was obviously used to lost diners at this point, directed me to the other side of the building, to the corner of Clarendon Boulevard and Scott Street where Yaku actually sits.

“That was happening a lot,” says Jessica Gibson, spokesperson for Latin Concepts, Fraga-Rosenfeld’s company that also runs Ceviche, Chi-Cha Lounge and Gua-Rapo. “I had friends who I sent for dinner, and they couldn’t find it.”

Gibson adds: After 15 minutes of searching and with “so many restaurants [in the area], you’re gonna give up and go somewhere elsewhere.”

Yaku, in other words, was losing business just because of its address.

No more, however. Yaku’s official address is now 1900 Clarendon Blvd.