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The Post‘s Tom Sietsema broke the news yesterday that the Mandarin Oriental and chef Eric Ziebold will be transforming Cafe MoZU—-the pan-Asian restaurant best known as the place everyone wanders into when looking for CityZen—-into a more modestly priced outlet featuring Eastern Shore flavors.

CityZen’s second-in-command in the kitchen, Rachel Harriman, will be the chef de cuisine at the revamped MoZU, which will serve, according to Sietsema, “blue crab soup, chicken and dumplings, braised rabbit leg with grits and hush puppies with honey butter,” not to mention desserts like “carrot cake, strawberry shortcake, peach cobbler and grasshopper pie.”

Simply put, Y&H loves the idea of a white-tablecloth restaurant embracing local/regional flavors. We can only assume Maryland fried chicken will have a place on the menu, too.

What Y&H doesn’t love?

The name of the place: South by Southwest, a reference to the hotel’s location in the District. I’m sorry but it’s a terrible name for a restaurant looking to funnel the Eastern Shore. It’s more about the hotel than about the cuisine. South by Southwest doesn’t make me think of the Chesapeake. It makes me think of overzealous indie bands trying to impress a bunch of asshole A&R reps….oh, and puke in the middle of Sixth Street in Austin.

It’s not too late, folks. Give us a better name! The restaurant is not expected to relaunch until early this summer.

Photo courtesy of Mandarin Oriental