Suddenly, it seems that our region is awash with artisanal charcuterie makers. We’ve already told you about the stuff at Restaurant Eve, the cured meat plate at PS 7’s, and the hand-crafted meats that Jamie Stachowski is peddling practically everywhere, even from the back of his 1988 Trooper. (Oh, by the way, Stachowski finally settled on a name for his product line, MeatCrafters, which sounds like a shop at the mall where they stuff your sausage in an hour. So to speak.)

Two more players have recently entered the cured meat market.

In February, Melissa McCart wrote about the Red Apron line of charcuterie being produced by Nathan Anda, former executive chef at Tallula and EatBar; his bacon, chorizo, hot dogs, and even beef jerky are currently available at Planet Wine in Alexandria, a property owned by Neighborhood Restaurant Group, the same parent company of Tallula, EatBar, Rustico, and the forthcoming Birch & Barley. Also look for Anda’s products this spring at local farmers markets.

And just today, I got a press release announcing the opening of Robert Wiedmaier‘s new place, The Butcher’s Block, a Market by RW, at 1600 King St. in Old Town, next door to the Marcel’s and Brasserie Beck chef’s BRABO property. Here’s the pertinent part of the release:

In addition to the charcuterie, pates, sausages and terrines, The Butcher’s Block, a Market by RW sells prime cuts of rib-eye, fillet, lamb tenderloin, veal chops, pork loin, rabbit and chicken. Chef Wiedmaier sources much of his meat from the region, and he offers braised lamb shank, pork and beef carbonnade that can be purchased with his signature sauces to be heated and served at home.

These places are not helping with my mission to cut down on red meat!

Photo by Darrow Montgomery