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Public health professor Marion Nestle thinks restaurants cannot skirt their role in America’s health problems. So she has three pieces of advice on how they can help keep both our weight and blood pressure down:

  1. Give a price break for smaller portions
  2. Make healthy kids’ meals the default
  3. Cook with less salt

All of these are fine ideas to Y&H, but I can tell you one thing: Smaller portions won’t mean a thing unless the dining public actually orders them. I’m not convinced it will—-at least not without more education on the issues.

People still think of eating out as a treat, something different from eating at home, which of course it is. So they like to indulge. Ask restaurateurs, and I bet most will say that diners complain more about receiving small portions than they do about not having a chance to order small portions.

Restaurants can go only so far. The public has to follow through on its end.

Photo by flem007