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OK, Y&H is not going to make too big a deal about this. After all, one person’s experience does not exactly qualify as scientific evidence, and besides, there are so many factors, aside from diet, that go into one’s longevity. Luck being one. (Can we please keep this in mind the next time a scientific report comes out calling yet another food product death on a plate?)

But earlier this month, Gertrude Baines celebrated her 115th birthday in Los Angeles with carrot cake and Dodger dogs. Born on April 6, 1894, Baines had lived through all the great wars, the Great Depression, the women’s suffrage movement, the civil rights movement, and countless other eras, both major and minor. Despite it all, Baines told People magazine (hey, I’m trying to branch out in my reading) that she enjoys life’s simple pleasures—-like sweets and extra crispy bacon.

Notice she didn’t mention tofu or organic, locally green kale or a daily ingestion of Omega 3 fatty acids. She mentioned sweets and crispy bacon. You have to love that.

Then again, she also said she watches The Price Is Right and Jerry Springer daily.