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Don’t know about you, but ice cream headaches make me feel like someone’s put a metal trashcan over my head and struck it with a ball-peen hammer for an hour. I’ve learned to take my ice cream slow to avoid such brain fissions.

But yesterday during my intermittent readings of Jonathan Reynolds‘ memoir Wrestling with Gravy, I learned of an alleged cure to this common malady. On page 203 (hardback version), Reynolds offers this palliative to the ice cream headache:

And speaking of ice cream, if you eat too much too fast and your head aches or your throat swells terrifyingly, grab something really cold —- ice or the glass the ice cream’s in —- and press it to an artery at ankle, wrist, or neck, and it will disappear.

How come I didn’t hear about this earlier? Has anyone else tried this remedy?

By the way, I do have the foolproof method for curing hiccups: Take a glass of water, cover it with a paper towel, and drink veeeery slowly until most of the water is gone. Voila, no more hiccups. It hasn’t failed me since I first learned about it as a boy.

Photo by Hurley Family