Morou: Hit him with your best question

Given the apparently precarious nature of our local dining scene, we should all jump at the chance to poke and prod at one of the area’s premier chefs, Morou Ouattara, who recently told the Washingtonian‘s Todd Kliman that he’ll be pulling the plug on Farrah Olivia in Old Town on April 29.

And now we have the chance: Ouattara will be hosting today’s 11 a.m. edition of Grill Warren at Northern Virginia magazine.

Not that Y&H is asking you to do his work, but here’s what I’d want to know, if I got a chance to grill Morou:

  • Was Old Town the right market for your brand of modern cooking or was it just the wrong address in Old Town? Or both?
  • Does the current economy make it practically impossible to run a true, high-end restaurant?
  • How do you feel about working with your brother at the planned new restaurant/bar/lounge in Crystal City? No sibling rivalry?
  • Do you think the D.C. market is open right now for another go at Farrah Olivia? Or do you think you should wait to reopen the restaurant when the economy improves?