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Giada: Fit to be wrapped in foil

Talk about shooting fish in a barrel —- or farm-raised salmon in their pens. Huffington Post‘s sustainable/organic hawk Isabel Cowles goes after a trio Food Network celebrity chefs, hoping to point out their anti-environmental ways and, of course, rack up some easy page views along the way.

Cowles attacks Giada de Laurentiis for wasting aluminum foil, Guy Fieri for encouraging excessive meat-eating, and Sandra Lee for being….well, a lousy cook and relying on pre-packaged products. Here’s Cowles’ closing kick in the teeth:

The image these chefs are creating of our country’s food ethos and practices wreaks of wastefulness, over-indulgence and laziness. The Food Network and its celebrity chefs should inspire Americans to savor quality food and the entire process of making a meal—from good food choices, to mise en place, to clean up. It’s a shame that these chefs don’t use their popularity to truly help improve how Americans cook and eat.


First of all, every home cooks knows you don’t have to use foil. Grease the pan. Use a Silpat. Don’t use anything and scrub that pan later. Second, what exactly is Cowles implying with her slap at Fieri (which she spells as “Ferari” in the first reference; talk about lazy, shall we)? That every cook/chef on the Food Network should offer only non-meat or limited-meat recipes? Do you really want to encourage a culinary Group Think, Isabel? Let people have choices; they’re smart enough to figure out.

Third, you’re dead right about Lee. She’s an embarrassment. This is a well-crafted argument against Lee’s half-baked approach to cooking:

What Lee is doing is not really cooking… it’s arranging. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the food she puts together comes wrapped in soon-to-be-waste. Chopping your own tomatoes, cutting your own lettuce and mashing your own avocados would save a bundle, not to mention a quite a few bottles, bags and containers. Multiply all of that packaging by Lee’s national audience, and you’ve got a lot of unnecessary garbage.

I’d recommend we send in a surgical attack team and take her out.

By the way, Y&H is hoping for some easy page views for his half-baked pot shot at Cowles.

Photo courtesy of www.giadadelaurentiis.com