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Members of the esteemed Southern Foodways Alliance descended upon D.C. this past weekend to down potlikker and spread the gospel on the deep-fried ways of the South.

Ann Cashion, an SFA board member, hosted the Potlikker Film Festival on Saturday at Johnny’s Half Shell, an event that featured not only some of the District’s best Southern-flavored chefs (Vidalia’s Jeffrey Buben, the General Store’s Gillian Clark, and Creme’s Terrell Danley) but also four documentaries on subjects ranging from sweet potato pie to Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack in Nashville.

(Let me pause here and say for the record that Buben’s version of pigs in a blanket —- which he called, with a flair for the highfalutin, “heirloom pigs in handstitched blankets” —- was the best goddamn thing I put in my mouth all weekend, a sort of rich, fragrant homemade sausage wrapped in buttery pastry.)

One of the visitors this weekend was John T. Edge, director of the SFA and writer for…well, everyone. He conveniently Twittered his way through his dining adventures while in D.C. You can read his purloined Tweets after the jump. (Text has been boldfaced by Y&H.)

  • In my D.C. hotel: Art & Soul, from Art Smith. Clunker name. Promising restaurant. Cheese plate w/ lovely and sharp Everona sheep’s milk. 11:35 PM Apr 15th
  • At Central, Michel Richard‘s DC brasserie. Gougeres go with gin, it turns out. Served in a wire corset thingie. http://twitpic.com/3f9wk 6:38 PM Apr 16th
  • Komi in DC. Sometimes a restaurat lives up to the hype. Knots of octopus with romesco. Dates stuffed with yoghurt. Goat, Lord, goat. 8:46 AM Apr 17th
  • At Vidalia in DC.: Merguez sliced papyrus-thin. Brown whiskey poured strong. Chicken- liver-something-or-other, slathered thick on toast. 8:20 PM Apr 17th
  • At Raseki in DC. Time at the bar begs question: Why doesn’t every damn gin hole in America dole out popcorn mixed with spiced curry leaves? 8:44 PM Apr 17th
  • @johntedge I meant Rasika. 8:46 PM Apr 17th
  • Got it. All that you promised. And more. Cod didn’t suck, either. ‘Get the crispy spinach at Rasika. Stunning dish.’ (via @tastybitz) 12:07 AM Apr 18th

Photo by Yvonne Boyd