Vitamin Water: Cuts like a knife

It’s hard to decipher from this photo, but the description on this bottle of Glacéau Multi-V lemonade-flavored Vitamin Water reads (all in lowercase, of course, because capital letters are so off-set printing):

remember “the jetsons”®? all they had to do was push a button to get dressed, microwave a pill to eat a three-course meal, and throw astro out on that treadmill thingy to walk him. talk about the good life. well, we created this all-in-one product containing more of the nutrients you need, from vitamin a to zinc. think of it as a drinkable swiss army knife…

Hmmm, I can imagine the review now:

My vintage 2009 bottle of Multi-V Vitamin Water has a thin mouthfeel, a metalic taste on the palate, and a bold, lacerating finish —- perhaps due to the corkscrew tearing a hole in my esophagus on the way down.