And average is just what we’re after.

If you’ll recall, back on Feb. 19, we at the City Paper hit the streets to chronicle an average day in the life of the District. It was boring, it was funny, it was brilliant, it was stupid, it was what y’all do with your lives.

So we’re doing it all over again —- this time with a focus on food.

The editorial staff will insert itself anywhere food is served, bought, packaged, stolen, processed, or eaten. Y&H will be covering the busiest line cooks in all of D.C. Others will be following personal chefs, a major restaurant group, and street-cart operators. One reporter will even browse through the District’s Dumpsters and trash cans, looking for the edible stuff that others so callously toss away.

It’ll be a multi-course tasting menu of D.C., and it won’t cost you a dime.