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Not Heineman’s gazpacho.

Like so many other restaurateurs these days, Grapeseed chef and owner Jeff Heineman is just trying to get folks in the door. His latest ploy is to give away free soup to all his friends on Facebook —- and to all the fans of a Facebook group devoted to people who hate people who hate soup. Or some shit like that.

Whatever the case, I called Heineman to see if he would extend the offer to Y&H readers. He agreed.

What that means is that you can walk into the Bethesda restaurant tonight (and tonight only!) and get a free bowl of cauliflower soup or gazpacho or smoked mushroom soup. Heineman swears you can come in, have the soup, and leave if you want. He’d, of course, like you to stay for more.

But however you handle the freebie, you need to know one thing to get it: The secret password. It’s after the jump.

The password for free soup: Mmm, mmm good.

Not original, but it’s your gateway to free soup, so shut up already!

Photo by rusvaplauke