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What is it about hamburgers that turns this town upside down? It might be a simple roundup of new joints or it might be a March Madness-like competition. Whatever it is, Washingtonians get absolutely apoplectic around ground beef.

Case in point: Obama and Biden’s visit today to Ray’s Hell Burgers practically elicited more media coverage than his last two press conferences combined.

A small sampling:

Wonkette (complete with video!): “The biggest political news of the day is that Barack Obama and Joe Biden made local traffic more miserable than usual because they were stoned (for Cinco de Mayo) and wanted rich-people hamburgers at a gourmet junk food restaurant in Northern Virginia.”

The AP: “When you want a burger, you have to have a burger.”

USA Today’s The Oval (with 31 comments and counting): Sample comment: “What? Did all that money Michelle wasted on all those fancy chefs just go down the drain?”

Politico:“Michael Landrum, the burger joint’s owner, was ecstatic after the visit, calling it ‘one of the greatest days of my life.'”

The Post: In desperate need to play catchup —- ketchup? —- it had to re-run the AP story.

Image by Flickr user chichacha