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OK, I know y’all must feel like you’ve had it up to HERE with the Obama burger madness, but allow Y&H to add a final footnote to this presidential prole moment at Ray’s Hell Burgers. Michael Landrum, over at donrockwell.com, swears that this interchange occurred between him and the prez:

Actual true moment, and the most beautiful moment in my life—-something that will never make it into the press—-when the President sat down to eat, this was what was playing: click Harvest for the World. Can you believe that shit?

Me to the President: “I don’t know what’s on your I-Pod, but check out our soundtrack. Here we play the Isleys

President to me: “Right on.”

No lie.

See Landrum’s other Rockwell note after that jump.

Wrote Landrum:

Now, those of you who don’t know me might not believe me, but what I set out to do do ten years ago when I first set out to have a business, I had one thing, and one thing only, in mind.

To see my plan come to fruition, and to have a national stage to do so, blows my mind in a way that is incomprehensible even to me.

Now that I have a direct ear to the White House and have finally established a foundation for my plan, I can now reveal just exactly what I have been about for the past ten years: To achieve a Presidential Pardon for Gil Scott-Heron.*

Once this is done, I can rest.

* Note: This was Landrum’s original link for Scott-Heron, but Y&H switched it for more background on the artist.