Tammy Tuck and Bruce Falconer: The Lagerheads

In the spirit of supplementing the yeoman’s work of Washington City Paper‘s “Beerspotter,” who is ever on the lookout for a good bottle, we would like to introduce our new online feature, “The Lagerheads.” There’s a lot of beer lust out there these days, particularly for fancy-pants imports and American craft brews. We hope you’ll bookmark us as a trusted source for your daily malted-beverage fix. Our ambitions are grand. We plan to share with you the latest industry news, interviews with local beer luminaries, after-action reports from D.C.’s many beer tastings and events, and, of course, reviews of new and exciting brews and information on where to find them. In short, beer news you can use. Think of us as your own personal beer intelligence network.

Allow us to say up front, we do not claim to be beer sommeliers. Far from it. We are just a D.C. couple that loves to drink the stuff. Our passion has resulted in some knowledge, but mainly enthusiasm. We hope that what you find here will be of some use to you on your own quest to find the perfect brew. We’ll do most of the legwork, but hope that you’ll chime in with your opinions and recommendations. Disagree with our take on a particular beer? Let us know! Have a tip on a bar or a corner store with a great beer selection? Do the same! We want to hear from you. And with that, let the games begin…

Photo by Darrow Montgomery