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The dude in the white t-shirt is Gordon Ramsay. Really.

This may mean something. It may mean nothing. But one of Y&H’s many foot soldiers —- OK, he’s actually a friend of Carol Blymire‘s, aka Alinea at Home —- spotted British bad boy Gordon Ramsay roaming the streets of Georgetown on Saturday.

Given that Ramsay’s bid for the Maestro space at the Ritz-Carlton in Tysons has fallen through —- and that Michel Richard is apparently headed to McLean —- speculators were already speculating that, perhaps, the chef was casing Richard’s joint in the Latham Hotel for a future restaurant.

Whew, this level of gossip makes Y&H want to take a shower. But I asked the iPhone ready Chris Wilson if he followed Ramsay after taking this pic or if he felt that was entering stalker territory. Wilson’s response:

“I was trying not [to] be too stalker’ey, since after my other half yelled out “oh shit! it’s Gordon Ramsay!” he started walking faster 🙂 I was going to try and get a photo with him, but he seemed to be on a mission.”

Wilson did learn, however, that Ramsay dined at J. Paul’s with Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw. How did he learn this? From a Tweet from Women’s Wear Daily, of course.

More as I know it —- or as the gossip mill coughs it up.

Photo by Chris Wilson