Because we at the paper still occasionally pick up the phone and talk to people before writing about them. I say this as a small swipe at this conversation over at, a site that I admire for the administrator’s discipline at keeping order among his sometimes unruly flock. But the folks at have prematurely buried Hollywood East Cafe on the Boulevard as dead, now awaiting a resurrection over at the Westfield Shopping Center in Wheaton.

The latter part is true. But manager Alan Yu tells Y&H that Hollywood East is still breathing at its current location, too, where it will continue to serve its superior dim sum seven days a week (from the menu on the weekdays; from those rolling carts on the weekend).

However, come August, Yu says, Hollywood East will move into its new location in the Westfield mall, next door to the Ruby Tuesday on Level 1. The new location will be 1,500 square feet larger than the current one, which will no doubt please those who have had to wait an hour for a seat on the weekends.

I did ask Yu whether Hollywood East was having fights with its current landlord over rent, as the folks at note, and whether it will close before moving, but the manager declined to comment. He said the owner would call me later.

More as I know it.