Anyone who saw the film Beer Wars knows how seriously craft brewers take their struggle against “Big Beer.” Their use of martial terminology is not empty; many view themselves as members of a growing insurgency. And now, like our country’s Founding Fathers, they’ve officially declared their independence. As part of this year’s American Craft Beer Week, the Brewers Association is encouraging people to join the ranks by declaring the superiority of craft beer, demanding access to it, and most importantly, going out and drinking it.

Although American Craft Beer Week is almost over, it’s not too late to support the underdogs. Many DC-area bars and stores carry beers from small, independent breweries. Some of our favorite spots to enjoy a “crafted one” are Birreria Paradiso, Black Squirrel, Galaxy Hut, and Quarry House Tavern. The Brickskeller is observing the holiday with dedicated taps of rare craft beers all week. If you want to show true dedication to the cause, patronize one of our local brewpubs: Capitol City Brewing Company, District Chophouse, Gordon Biersch, or our favorite – Old Dominion. As for the Lagerheads, we’ll be doing our celebrating at Max’s in Baltimore tonight for an evening with some truly revolutionary craft beers from Stone, Dogfish Head and Lagunitas.