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Pot Belly Sandwich Works
1400 Irving St, Washington, DC 20009

(202) 232-5777

Overshadowed in the news that red meat will shave years off your life is an even more terrifying prospect: Deli meats will send your clogs skyward, too. So those turkey sandwiches you’ve been virtuously choking down? Might as well have had an Angry Whopper. Which leaves the loyal Pot Belly customer in a bit of a bind. I mean, here’s a restaurant that’s a reliable stop, especially if you have kids. The sandwiches cost $4.50, the milk shakes are above-average, and the music—well, often the musicians take breaks. And now we have to bid adieu to old friends like the Wreck (salami, roast beef, turkey, ham, and swiss), the Italian (capicola, mortadella, salami, provolone), and the sublime smoked ham and swiss. All of which were toasted to perfection back when a hot sub at Subway meant three meatballs and as many ounces of sauce. So now, I guess, chicken salad? The vegetarian sub is serviceable, the mushrooms adding a filip of protein to your rabbit food, and I’ve heard good things about the pizza sandwich, hold the pepperoni. And the PB&J is pretty good, too. I’m far more bummed about cutting out hamburgers than Pot Belly sandwiches I actually want to eat, so this may be a fine place to practice dealing with the new reality.