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From practically the day he opened Good Stuff Eatery on Capitol Hill, Spike Mendelsohn has been promising more outlets, which of course has only intensified the interest and speculation among his faithful. But as Y&H noted last week, Mendelsohn has his hands full with a number of other projects these days, including his planned pizzeria.

So is there still room in the Mendelsohn family portfolio for more Good Stuffs?

“I’m positive we’re going to be opening up many more in the near future,” Mendelsohn told Y&H last week. “I think I’ve learned that the concept belongs in urban areas, high-traffic areas.”

Mendelsohn proceeds to mention South Beach and Tokyo as possible locations. But what about the District and surrounding areas? Aren’t you planning to open more to keep up with the demand that Michelle Obama’s visit caused?

Have patience, Mendelsohn says. If he wanted to, he could have opened 10 outlets by now, but he doesn’t want to spread himself too thin. Nor does he want to lose any consistency among potential new outlets, which is usually the first thing to go with an absentee chef/owner.

The former Top Chefer says that no leases have yet been signed for new Good Stuff Eateries, but that the “Union Station [location] is furthest along….Union Station is up for renovation in the entire west hall, and they want to put some great food in the west hall.”

But then in the next breath, Mendelsohn adds, “I’m in no rush.”

He, after all, has plenty of other things to do.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery