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Calling all District-based Gertrude Stein devotees and beret-sporting cubists! The Philadelphia Daily News reports that Philadelphia developer Allan Domb and restauranteur Stephen Starr are eyeing D.C. locations for a “version of Parc,” Starr’s chic bistro in the City of Brotherly Love’s exclusive Rittenhouse Square. If your first-person, thinly-veiled fictionalization of your affair with Anais Nin and associated sexual hangups has yet to find a Parisian publisher, you won’t be able to afford a theoretical “Parc D.C.’s” high end entrees ($29 New York Strip Au Poivre, $22 Duck Confit, etc.), but don’t fret – just close your eyes and stroll along a make-believe Champs-Elysees while rocking out to semi-French music at Parc’s website.