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Sorry to keep writing about vegetarianism on youse guys’ precious food blog, but check out this veg-friendly post on the Foreign Policy website. Jim Motavalli’s arguments about the inevitability of a vegetarian world (meat is an environmental disaster, raising cattle takes too much grain, etc.) aren’t new, but it’s cool to see Motavalli out of the New York Times liberal ghetto writing in a less ideologically-poised publication that someone who voted for John McCain might actually read/believe.

That said, I must object to this piece’s hed (“Meat: the slavery of our time”). I guess sensationalistic heds like that generate hits and are here to stay, but the whole “slavery” thing doesn’t (quite) reflect Motavalli’s (slightly) more nuanced argument. If vegetarians really want to convince other people to follow their dietary lead, the should read William Saletan’s Slate piece “Let’s Make an Abortion Deal” and see how Saletan’s call for moderation can be applied to their issue. Meanwhile, Slate, where heds are either apocalyptic (“Truly Terrifying Data about the Real State of the U.S. Economy”) or adopt a dubious first person that doesn’t necessarily appear in the article (“I Would Give to Charity if It Weren’t for All the Junk Mail”) should take a chill pill.