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Confidential Young & Hungry sources report exciting news about the National Geographic Society’s cafeteria:

1. At less than $4/pound, the salad bar may be the cheapest one in town. And they’re not skimping – they’ve got artichoke hearts, tofu, chicken, and quality greens (no iceberg lettuce need apply). Our undercover diner got a salad for $4.11 today – a comparable Whole Foods salad costs $8.49.

2. The cafeteria composts and, as this old blog reports, the Society allows only one to-go fork per customer.

3. Hexagonal trays allow for more table space. Evidently, NASA engineers were outsourced on this one.

4. The cafeteria serves both Coke and Pepsi products. Take that, bastard monopolies!

5. The cafeteria is only open to NGS employees, but our undercover diner wasn’t asked to show his or her ID.

You didn’t hear it from us!