We are a nation of laws, right? But some of them, you must admit, are pretty dumb. This is particularly true at the state level. In Virginia, for example, it’s illegal to have sex with the lights on. And in Maryland, you can’t throw a bale of hay from a second-story window, nor are you allowed to bring a lion to the movies. It’s enough to make you wonder what legislators were thinking. Seriously. But some dumb laws go beyond laughs—particularly when they get in the way of enjoying a cold one at the end of the day (before you turn off the lights with your honey).

Joey Redner, owner of Cigar City Brewing in Tampa, Florida, has compiled a list of what, in his opinion, are the dumbest beer laws in America. Luckily, DC and its neighbors escaped the list. But there’s a certain amount of schadenfreude that comes from seeing what our less fortunate countrymen have to deal with when it comes to having a malt beverage. Take a look here.

Photo by flickr user limaoscarjuliet used under a CreativeCommons license.