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Eagle-eyed beerspotters could catch a glimpse of real-live good beer on Wednesday’s episode of Top Chef Masters. On two occasions for a split-second, the camera showed contestant Graham Elliot Bowles drinking Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale, a hefty, hoppy black seasonal. However short-lived, the sighting felt like payback on behalf of all beer drinkers after sitting through ad after ad for Michelob Ultra (actual slogan: “Live life to the ultra”).

And yes, the ad featured in-line skating.

I’ve seen Top Chef contestants actually drink Michelob Ultra, but I’ve also seen Brooklyn beers make it on the show. Were either of these product placements? Were both? The Stone likely wasn’t, given its <1-second cameo. I also got to taste the Sublimely Self-Righteous at Savor; billed as a “black double IPA,” it had dark-roasted coffee notes followed by a bulldozer of hops to clear your palette. Sadly I think this season’s is all gone, but if you spot it, tweet it!