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Sometimes, if I’ve enjoyed way, way too many calories for breakfast, lunch, or whatever that meal is that I occasionally eat in the middle of the afternoon, I will partake of a liquid dinner. You know what I’m talking about.

So where can one enjoy a little liquid refreshment and perhaps some snackage, should the urge hit after the second drink? Here are a few of my favorite spots:

  • The Gibson Yes, I’ve heard the horror stories about being kicked out at this speakeasy, mid-drink. I’ve also heard stories of rudeness. I just haven’t experienced any. What I have experienced: some hellishly good cocktails from Derek Brown.
  • Olney Ale House — There are few places better to toss back a cold draft than at the Ale House’s beer garden during the summer. The food isn’t much to speak of, but I like the laid-back vibe to this place, which is about as close to country as we get ’round these parts.

  • The Brickskeller — Yeah, I know that beer geeks punish this place for being more fiction than fact. I’ve done a fair share of bitching myself, but you know what I’ve come to learn about the Brickskeller? Bitching about it is a cliche. It’s also part of the experience. The fact is, the Brickskeller is still a local institution, and I love looking at the old beer can collection after I’ve had a few.
  • Old Ebbitt Grill — I love sitting at the bar here. It has history, and not just the obvious kind, like the walrus head allegedly bagged by Teddy Roosevelt, but the personal kind. The bartenders, with their red bow ties and suspenders, act like they’ve known you forever. Some may have. They also mix a mean drink and, should they get sick of listening to your shit, can feed you some tasty oysters, too.
  • PX —Todd Thrasher is the most creative mixologist, bar none. I’d get trashed in his presence any day.
  • Veritas Wine Bar A great wine-by-the-glass list and a cool Dupont Circle address make this an ideal spot to stop by for a six-ounce pour.
  • The Tune InnThis Capitol Hill watering hole is the dive bar that beats all dives. If you ask for a microbrew, someone will probably smack you in the face for thinking you’re better than them. They will definitely urge you to play country on the jukebox. The great irony about the Tune Inn, of course, is that sometimes the bartender will give you a little paper marker to place on your beer bottle while you go out and smoke. Don’t want no one to steal your precious Miller Lite while you’re gone.

Drink pictured: Hops and Barley at The Gibson. Photo by Darrow Montgomery