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One of the great things about living in DC is that you come to know people with some pretty interesting government jobs. Through our ten-year stint in this big G-town, we have met a collection of folks at federal agencies and departments doing everything from building secret defense weapons to granting patents. Our friend Jess in the State Department just returned from a post in Riyadh with a fantastic gift for us. Now instead of leaving a couple of nice Belgian beers like these out in plain view for the religious police to notice (or guests to accidentally open before we’re done aging them), we have some nice Saudi couple bottle covers to protect ourselves.

Our favorite thing about these little guys (besides that they have googly eyes), is that the woman looks bizarrely like Kenny from South Park. Perhaps a result of reincarnation, or maybe The Kingdom is where all the stars we presume are dead have actually been hiding out, living a simpler life. (Though having to hide your beer from the government argues against that theory.) Another great feature of our Saudi couple is how well they double as hand puppets. Yes, we are entertained by the simplest of things. If you are thinking you just have to have your own pair, we haven’t seen them out on the interwebs but can offer these as a not very good consolation.