Paul Rudd Filming in DC
Paul Rudd Filming in DC

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Paul Rudd: No rabbit for you!

There’s an 18-wheeler parked just up Champlain Street from the City Paper offices. Behind it, there’s a large, portable Southern Pride unit, smoking up a batch of ribs. Just off the sidewalk, on a piece of concrete that leads to the First Church of Christ Scientist, there’s a dude sporting what sounds like an Australian accent, cooking up a whole griddle-full of half-pound burgers. To his right, there are unknown morsels bubbling away in two deep fryers. Fries?

All of this — every last bite — is designed for the cast and crew of the untitled James L. Brooks production currently filming in Adams Morgan. (CP‘s Darrow Montgomery has already aimed his lens at some of the principal shooting.)

I asked the cook what’s on the menu, and the terse Aussie (I think!) said, “Everything.” I pressed him, and he replied, “It’d be easier to ask what’s not available.”

I pointed out the smoker and the burgers grilling away and joked to the blunt Ozzie (maybe he was English?) that all these greasy meats don’t exactly scream Hollywood and fresh, leafy California cuisine. He said there’s vegetarian and vegan food available, too.

Determined to pierce the Australian’s armor (I really could be off base here about his accent), I wondered what kind of high-end foods he might be serving Owen Wilson, Reese Witherspoon, and Paul Rudd. The cook dropped the lobster word and also mentioned sashimi and one other pricey dish that now escapes my memory.

Anything he’s not serving?

“Ostrich and rabbit,” he said. “Just about everything else, we’re serving.”