One by one, we’re running through the 50 restaurants that made the cut on this year’s Young & Hungry Dining Guide. If you have visited the day’s featured restaurant, let us know what you think. If you’re planning to visit for the first time, tell us about your meal when you return.

Last year, the husband-and-wife owners confessed to multiple federal crimes and agreed to forfeit millions of dollars in ill-gotten gains. But the Solano family’s notoriety hasn’t affected the popularity of their reopened Peruvian chicken outlet in Wheaton, where the charcoal-grilled birds, loaded down with salt, cumin, herbs, smoke, and God knows what else, are so good they’re criminal.

 Addendum: Read my original defense for El Pollo Rico.

El Pollo Rico, 2517 University Blvd., Wheaton, Md., (301) 942-4419

Photo by Darrow Montgomery