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Don’t know about you, but I have a small fascination with yard sales.  I love picking through other people’s stuff. It’s like sanctioned voyeurism. Sometimes you even find really cool stuff.

I have no doubt I will be buying something at the Quarry House and Jackie’s Yard Sale on Saturday at Jackie’s Back Room, 8081 Georgia Ave. (at  Sligo) in Silver Spring. Co-owner Jackie Greenbaum says she’s cleaning out the basements at both places to sell junk for charity. The party/sale runs from 5 to 11 p.m.

I e-mailed Greenbaum to find out what junk she’ll be pawning off for charity, and she responded to say:

So far it looks like some of the old art & some beer steins from the QH, from Jackies a bunch of odds & ends like stemware, plates, platters, pillows, vintage furn fr the back room, a blue glowing gnome or two (maybe I’ll even part with my pink “answer me, Jesus” dolls which have a magic 8 ball under his feet (“what would Jesus do?”), cute pitchers, decanters, etc. Then I plan to throw in a painting or two of mine.

Other regulars, staff, and friends are chipping in: Kim Dorn’s got a couple of crafty type tbls, jewelry, rock posters, a couple regulars are painters, good friend an antique dealer with some cool vintage stuff. Pyramid Atlantic’s handmade papers and books. Prob some records and other stuff too.

If you’re not aware, the Quarry House is one of Montgomery County’s oldest and most historic watering holes. It was founded in the mid-1930s, not long after the end of Prohibition. For years it was the kind of smoky, subterranean pub that practically defined the word “dive,” and its regulars loved it that way.

A number of regulars were none too happy when Greenbaum and her partner, Patrick Higgins, bought the place in 2005 and started dragging the old grease pit into the 21st Century. In the years since Greenbaum and Higgins have taken it over, the QH has improved its food offerings, built a first-class beer list, and offers what has to be the best scotch selection in Montgomery County, which is no simple feat.

But in the process of renovating QH, the pair have retired some old steins and pieces of commercial art. You can be damn sure I will be looking to secure a bit of this history.

And if securing a piece of tavern history isn’t enough for you, then consider this: The yard sale will also feature baked goods from Jackie’s kitchen, homemade sangria, spiked punch, and Dark & Stormy cocktails made with homemade ginger beer. There will be a DJ, too, and all the proceeds from the sale of Jackie’s and the Quarry House’s junk go straight to the Pyramid Atlantic Art Center.