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Every time President Obama eats a burger, Mr. Y&H (aka Tim Carman) has a goddamn field day. But now that Obama is set to crack beers with Officer James Crowley and Harvard prof Henry Louis Gates, Jr. to discuss Gates’ false arrest at his Cambridge home, it’s time for the liquid half of Young & Hungry to go nuts. And I’m going to milk this baby for all it’s worth.

First, CNN reports (with the urgent UPDATE in all caps) that Obama will have a Budweiser, which is what he had at the MLB All-Star Game. Crowley will reportedly quaff a Blue Moon, and Gates’s choice is still undetermined, though he has a preference for Red Stripe and Beck’s. Surprising? No, but so, so disappointing.

Beck’s is owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev, the same not-really-American corp. as Bud. Blue Moon is MillerCoors (yep, they’re one company now), and Red Stripe is owned by Diageo, a giant that also owns Guinness, Smirnoff, Tanqueray, Johnnie Walker, et al.

So here’s my advice:

Mr. President, sir, there’s an easy-drinking lager made in almost every major American city — Boston, Sam Adams; New York, Brooklyn Lager; Philly, Victory Lager; Washington, pick a brewpub. Bud might be the “easy choice,” but if you’re going to take Ray’s Hell Burger over McDonald’s — and have Alice Watersplan your vegetable garden, for God’s sake — man up and try an American microbrew.

Around the D.C. blogs, DCist covers the story as well, with Eric Axelson suggesting a menu for the liquid bread-breaking. He recommends (and I wholeheartedly second) Allagash White as a Blue Moon replacement, and a root beer for Gates. His description of Great Divide Samurai Ale as “the perfect recipe for overcoming differences” has me confused, though. It’s a rice beer, so maybe he’s equating the clean flavor with a diplomatic blank slate? Help me out, Eric.

At We Love DC, Tiffany Bridge writes a sober defense of quality products over protectionism, and even manages to compare A-B InBev to General Motors (nice!).

And finally, roll over to the Denver Business Journal for a funny snippet of transcript between Press Secretary Robert Gibbs and a reporter who wants to make sure Obama has some salty snacks to go with his beer.

Hopefully this saga will continue until re-election. More UPDATEs as they come.

Photo by √oxéfx via Flickr Creative Commons Attribution License