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As part of yesterday’s Sex and the City Paper experiment, Y&H got the privilege of eating in front of naked women. I had lunch at Camelot Show Bar and, at the urging of a certain restaurateur known to date strippers, I ate dinner at the innocuous-sounding Crystal City Restaurant.

My stomach is fine this morning. My conscience is still a little bruised.

You can read about my adventures in strip-club cuisine in four easy installments below. But one final note before you do.

To the guy who smirked at me on the sidewalk as I oozed out of Camelot yesterday, trying to quickly melt back into decent society: I swear to God it was a working lunch!

Hmm, wonder how many dudes have uttered that to a disapproving spouse/girlfriend?

  1. My Lunch at Camelot Show Bar: The Tape Worm Incident
  2. My Lunch at Camelot Show Bar: The Jerk Chicken
  3. My Dinner at Crystal City Restaurant: A Bit of Vegas in Arlington
  4. My Dinner at Crystal City Restaurant: The World’s Thinnest Strip Steak